a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

Econ AAFF if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ? Web Sites


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Using your legs to empower you to start your own food processing business. 

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when he told me about this I was thinking about how a person could get paid

to do physical therapy, instead of having to pay for it, with the help of a doctor of course

there could be several machines designed for each patient

( important especially because, it is possible that doctors will no longer be told

they cannot help your family because of an economics issue ... ??? )

to match up a particular physical therapy exercise ... ???

and the reason why you are getting paid is because you are somehow

algebraically economically helping other people ... ???


I believe I could talk for hours about how this might work

in the real world algebraically economically ... ???


I found information at the Lacey, WA Library, that would suggest

that there may be over a million companies who could possibly help you

 in which ever town you live in, in the United States ... ???

Gene Bowdish




if you do not know how to use a computer,
ask a librarian what you can do to learn
http://www.trlib.org/                             http://www.trlib.org/espanol.htm

AADG Economics Education, Parent Recourses and Videos ???

Suggested by Teachers for Parents who have Children

There are many tools available that parents can employ to

guide their children to safe and rewarding online experiences.

There are also many different types of tools that may fit

your family's needs and values. There are a lot to choose from.

Here are some tips for choosing the tool or tools that are right for your family.