a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

Econ AAFK I believe a lot of people, do not understand what that means:

 less money available for health care = less goods and services available for health care


that does not mean that because you don't have money, you don't get the product or service

it means, a person or group of people who was suppose to make that product or service

never did the work, so that is why the product or service is not available when needed ...

this can seem complicated ...


you take something from the ground, make some sort of value out of it

and trade it with someone else who needs what you have to offer,

who also took something from the ground and made some sort of value out of it,

that you need


when you take something from the ground and make thousands of the some thing

and put it in a warehouse, you algebraically economically somehow usually wind up

with IOU notes, one example is the US dollar, why because someone, somewhere,

 agrees to make something you need and or has already made something you need

for that US dollar ( I might need to play around with the words a little more

before you understand, since this might have been the first time you heard of these words,

 and you might be looking for something to relate these words to

so you can understand,

 of course there is many reasons, why that might be difficult for you to do ... ??? )


lets try some possible examples:

what does a doctor need to make a medicine, any kind of medicine, just name one

in the past, all medicines came from plants or animals.

Although some important medicines still come from plants or animals (e.g. morphine),

most medicines used today in the developed world are

manufactured through chemical processes. ( sounds like you abracadabra and there it is, no

that is not how it is done, ( the abracadabra part I mean )

all medicine, or anything you see, that was made, originated from the ground

somehow ( water and air is included in this definition )

plant grows and uses stuff in the ground and energy from above to grow ...

animals eat the plants ...

other animals eat animals that ate the plants, that used stuff from the ground and

energy from above to grow ...


everything in a car can be followed algebraically economically back to the ground

and the hundreds or thousands or millions of people it took to ore, manufacture,

and finish the car you drive

the same is with the medicine, every part the medicine you see can be algebraically

economically followed back to the ground that the hundreds or thousands

or millions of people it took to ore, manufacture, and finish

the medicine you use

from the pharmacy ...


well how medicine is made algebraically economically, many times has nothing to do

with the medicine, what I am saying is, a worker who algebraically economically

takes something form ground to makes medicine with it, before they come to work

usually needs, a house to live in, a car to drive, food to eat, entertainment depending on

the worker ???, clothes, washer machine, dryer, etc. I think you are getting the idea ...

so why doesn't it take like a million dollars to get an aspirin, from the store ... ???

I believe it is because of an apparent little known thing about economics, I call

algebraic root based economics as defined by the laws of physics, another words

you trade a good and or service for the product, even if you  feel you cannot see how ... ???

and money is only the tool that makes trading go faster, sometimes much faster, which

can be important when you are trying to save a persons life,

when minutes or seconds is the algebraic economic factor that determines

if a life is going to be saved or not