a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

Econ_AAFY_ideas_to_earn_extra_money_for_Christmas ... ???


sell some books to a bookstore that you don't need or want,

I asked one such store, they pay 20% of the price they will sell it for  


take something from the ground, make some sort of value out of it,

trade it with someone who has something you can use to save money with, or make money with  


ideas to earn extra money from library resources


let these books lead you to other books at the library




do you have any ideas ... ???


Warning, Danger, be careful ... ask a teacher to explain it to you ... ???

if you are not sure if it is safe to make, do, or provide a service, maybe this will help



you may be required to get a license for what you plan on doing,

check with your City Hall Business Licensing  


Hobby IRS



Barter IRS








some people I have talked to are afraid of losing there government provided benefits

should they choose to help other people in this way ...


example: Food Stamps

example: SSI

example: welfare

example: disability benefits

example: they are partly disabled


in this case you may want to contact an attorney and a CPA

before trying to get a Christmas present for someone(s) using these ideas ...