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"Mr. MaGenie Magic" Magician

I believe history shows a good economy is the one thing that can help most everyone, a good economy helps:

business H8J



better pay

etc. ...



cars, trucks H8J

boats, recreation


etc. ...

better school programs

easier to increase teachers abilities to help our children

Better Libraries H8J



etc. ...

better college programs

easier to increase teachers abilities to help students

etc. ...

better parks H8J

etc. ...

health educational programs and a better ability for you to be able to get the resources you need for such stuff

hospitals H8J



emergency vehicles H8J

etc. ...

research for:

Diabetes  H8J


heart disease

kidney disease H8J


the list goes on ...

ambulances H8J

firefighters, fire trucks

fire equipment

Red Cross

Salvation Army H8J


programs to help the community, etc. ...

police, State Patrol H8J

equipment, cars 

trucks, boats 

helicopters, airplanes

programs to help the community

street lighting H8J

better signs

better roads, etc. ...


helps the military help communities and the world for those who want the help ...

Homeland Security 

Homeland Security, Don't Be afraid be ready ...

helps the UN help the world, etc. ...

If you had one idea on how to improve the Economy, what would it be?