a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

I am trying to understand this algebraic economic phenomenon ???


Learn how to algebraically economically pay all of your bills what ever they are including taxes with out using money??? 

and where you can't do that, try to pay all of your bills with out using up front money ???


pay all your bills by algebraically economically helping people in such a way as to allow the people you are helping to help you pay your bills with something they already love to do ???

when you learn how to do this, it may be easier for you to use money effectively ???


if you don't understand then you will need to ask me some ways it could possibly work ...



it is my understanding that only about 

one percent of the population of the united stated 

is aware this book exists???

as a result, only about one percent of the population of the united states is rich, or have I just got it all wrong???

yea that probably is overdoing it, but if it gets you thinking of a way to be successful at economically helping your family and others, then maybe it's ok


any business supply store I have gone in and asked, 

if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be?

do they name this book or any book like this, oh but no they don't


I asked, do you have any ideas how to make money?

do they name this book or any book like this, oh but no they don't


I go into a bank, and ask the same questions ...

do they name this book or any book like this, oh but no they don't


I ask thousands of people and places the same question ...

do they name this book or any book like this, oh but no they don't


churches, grocery stores, pharmacies, Nurses, Dentists, doctors offices, Hospitals, schools, colleges, tech schools, Cities and State business licensing offices, malls, department stores, Department of social and health services ( DSHS ), attorneys, Job Service ( work source ), Business to Business, SCORE counselor, Labor and industries, parks, fairs and carnivals, Red Cross, police, sheriff, fire fighters, restaurants, pizza places, Seattle center, office depot, office max, circuit city, etc., etc., etc. ... 

do they name this book or any book like this, oh but no they don't


having this information available to you can possibly make the difference between algebraically economically affording to keep your house or losing it because they raised property taxes, gas taxes, ... what's even more interesting is that somehow it has become against the law for the average person to tell you it exists until you get a license to tell people it exists from the city business office, why because it could lead to a sale, and that is soliciting

part of the law I fully understand, safety is important, but when I asked, is there a way to earn the money to pay for the solicitors license, did they name this book or any book like this, oh but no they didn't, and they expect a homeless person to know how to become a part of the business economy with out this information???



so where did I find the book at?

at the Lacey, WA public library on a Monday morning ... none of those thousands of other people knew the book existed???

because time is precious to most people, 

they need a knew shelf at the public library, 

"economic cook books" so when you tell someone you are having a hard time with economics, it well at least be easier for people who you ask, like an economics professor 

I need medical care can you help me?

I need to see the dentist, can you help me?

I need to get diabetic training, special foods, etc. can you help me?

I need to eat, can you help me?


how so very interesting ...

did your economics professor tell you it was there, just sitting on the shelf, waiting for you to let the author tell you his or her story ... ???


how many times have you heard, it takes money to make money?

I admit, it is much easier that way, it is also much easier to lose it???

especially if you do not understand what money truly is, money is a tool to algebraically economically help each other with


as with any tool, you an choose to use it in many ways

some ways the tool breaks, hurts you, or someone else, 

just like a cast iron frying pan in the hands of a mom

can lead to some of the best memories anyone could ever have

and some memories you might want to forget

can you imagine throwing away all the frying pans because no one taught you how to use one properly ... 

it takes a frying pan to cook, like it takes money to make money

however I have been told that you could take a magnet, run it around in your back yard and possibly collect enough iron filings on it, melt it put certain kinds of oil on it, mold it, bake it, and wal la, a funny looking frying pan??? ... ( ask a black smith for specifics on this??? )

or you can take sand and make a glass frying pan??? ... ( ask a glass smith for specifics on this??? )





of course the question remains, does the book work for you???



I also found this other book


you may need to first find ways to improve the economy 

in order for these books to work, 

because if the people who want to buy from you 

does not know how to earn the resources to buy from you ...




caution, danger, ouch

you could get hit by a car ...

to learn bicycle safety go to evergreen state college in Olympia, WA

you can get free information http://academic.evergreen.edu/groups/bikeshop/ 

( go to this college or any college and ask if you can use business economics to earn your degree in business economics with out any up front money ??? )




you need to find people who will want to help you ...???

all the people who want to help you may be prevented from doing so if they do not understand algebraic economics???




( I don't know if this is true, but it is my understanding that the company's ideology ( did I use the right word? ) behind the Dummies and idiots books is that complex information is explained in high school format so you don't have to be a 10th year college graduate to understand the books, supposedly most anyone can understand them with enough study time ??? )


think you can handle the big words, go for it, good luck ...

In the beginning

Areas of economics



Related fields, other distinctions, and classifications

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Economic concepts

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Economic reasoning

History and schools of economics

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Neoclassical economics

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Other schools and approaches

Historic definitions of economics

Wealth definition

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Is economics a science?

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Economic efficiency


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For applications of these principles see:

Efficient market hypothesis

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economics theories.

National Income and Product Accounts

that is just a small taste of economics fields of study

break it all down to it's simplest common denominator???

algebraic economics is simply how people help each other??? 

it can be super simple and super complex at the same time???

there is some things that are suppose to be impossible, but there it is working with no apparent problems, right there in front of you

Bee flight

In his 1934 French book Le vol des insectes, M. Magnan wrote that he and a Mr. Saint-Lague had applied the equations of air resistance to bumblebees and found that bees flying was impossible, but that "One shouldn't be surprised that the results of the calculations don't square with reality"

In 1996 Charlie Ellington at Cambridge University showed that vortices created by many insects’ wings and non-linear effects were a vital source of lift; vortices and non-linear phenomena are notoriously difficult areas of hydrodynamics, which has made for slow progress in theoretical understanding of insect flight. In 2005 Michael Dickinson and his Caltech colleagues studied honey bee flight with the assistance of high-speed cinematography and a giant robotic mock-up of a bee wing, which "proves bees can fly, thank God".



I asked more than 50,000 people, 

"if you had one idea to improve the economy

what would it be?"

about 90 % first response, answered with,  - + I don't know ... the economy, what's that?

about 9 % answered with, ideas on how to better survive with the economy that we have

about 1 % answered with, ideas on how to improve the economy from the root


is it truly ignorance or economic ideas created by some economic leaders, to economically keep people from helping each other??? parts of it is also controlled by your vote, who you choose to put in government offices??? of course the problem is, if you do not fully understand algebraic economics, how can you possibly know who to vote for and put the right person in office???


some have suggested it is government trying to conserve resources ...

( not all resources need conserving, government needs to conserve 

on spending for teachers to teach people how to conserve resources )

( that smells like catch 22 )


some have said it is social workers trying to keep people from fighting

if you can't afford to do anything, chances are you will stay home

and do nothing ( what happens?, heart disease goes up from not exercising??? )


if someone cooks a meal for you at a restaurant, that is somehow wasting resources???

if you go watch a movie, that is somehow wasting resources???


we live in a the United States of America

the constitution of the United States was implemented so that we will always have the right and the freedom to algebraically economically help each other in a safe way, am I right or wrong???

if we do not live in a free country, where do we live???