a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

for those people truly interested in recycling systems,

but the problem is

they do not know how to afford to do the recycling ideas ... ???


an algebraic economic root based economics system

 limited by the laws of physics

 independent of the other economic systems 

 if it works in the right way could cost the company no money at all

to recycle waste so there would not be any pollution,

or at least a lot less pollution coming from the company,

however there is still the laws of physics do deal with which means

 the company would most likely have to give up space

for the workers to work ... ???


there is also ideas to clean up toxic lakes, land and other places ... ???



I barely understand this idea

assuming the laws of physics would allow it to happen ...

have an economy with in an economy for 

pollution and safety issues so it does not cost

tax payers or companies to solve these problems

all you need is people willing to do it

and if they are into a green earth

I believe they will find ways to solve problems

better than anyone else

the rules are

if companies can do it as safe as this safety economy, they can do it them selves if they choose to ...

this safety economy program would use what ever tools necessary to contain in it's entirety pollution and change it to something safe for the environment and life on earth

then companies could produce products and services people and animals need to solve problems and it not cost the companies anything except making room for this safety economy program

because the safety economy program would create there own economy within the economy, all people involved would be able to also earn what they need for there families and it still not cost the companies anything except space for the safety economy to operate beside or with in the company