a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

Econ AAFM Build a paid for Apartment Building,

with 100 apartments

and each apartment having a 4 bedroom

with special kitchen for cancer patients,

2 Bathroom, ...


designed to help the family stay together ...


with a built in


mini Hospital,


in the center of the complex, ... ???


Questions are:


- How much would it cost to buy the property it would sit on ?


- How much would it cost to pay for a Qualified General contractor ?


- How much would it cost to pay for Sub Contractors ?

examples are

- Electricians

- Pipefitters and Plumbers

- HVAC Workers

- Iron Workers

- Drywallers

- Technicians

- etc. ...


- how much would it cost to hire a doctor MD / NaD / NuD / BcD for 30 years


- how much would it cost to hire a nurse for 30 years


- how much would it cost to hire a pharmacist for 30 years



there is many people hoping you will be able to help ...

An idea to help build a apartment building with a mini hospital pharmacy 120610


if you understand the algebraic economic math you may be able to build an apartment building

or buy a used apartment building ( there is a few bankers that helped me out with this math )

use the algebraic economic math to pay for the building

and maybe offer free room and board for a doctor and nurse and there immediate family

to take care of your medical needs, with in reason, with in the apartment building residents ... ???

you could offer free room and board to students going to medical school,

in trade for taking care of nursing home patients, in your apartment building ... ???



In Limbo: Patients stuck living in hospitals for years

It’s a heart-wrenching health care situation: patients stuck in expensive hospital beds

long after they’re well enough to be discharged.

Thousands of so-called “permanent patients” have been left in limbo,

some staying in hospitals for years because of federal laws.

Rock Center’s Kate Snow uncovers a dilemma that affects patients and taxpayers.



( Gene Bowdish,

based on my survey, of more than 50,000 people since year 2001 ...

because, apparently, little or not economic education happens in a public school or college

I think to many people do not understand the math ... ???

they make it sound like the state could pay for a solution ... ???


apparently, what really happens is ... ???

the tax payers, which is likely you, who pays taxes to the state, pays for a solution ...

if you do not have a well paying job or a successful business,

how is it that you would be paying tax to the state,

which could pay for a solution ... ??? )


if you do not understand the algebraic economic math, how can you possibly know who to vote for ... ???