a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

Econ_AAFS_ideas_for_you_to_earn_extra_income_to_help_find_a_cure_for_cancer_patients ... ???


I asked more than 50,000 people if they had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ?

and I got some answers about extra income ... related books in the Lacey, WA Library


there is no way I can gurantee these ideas will work for you or not

also, the chances of you having the information to protect you the way common sense would

on such matters is also not very good, becasue,

 this is the first time many people have heard of these books

even though these books are in the public library, becasue, apparently teachers in a public school

just do not teach such matters ... ???

anyway, you could get the books at the library or at a book store

let these books lead you to

thousands of other books on the subject by using key words in the books ... ???

an attorney told me, you can give the company's name, phone number, and address to the attorney

and the attorney would do a background check on the company you want to do business with.

the company should be licensed, and listed with the department of labor ... ???!!!


Gene Bowdish / MaGenie Magic - Licensed Since 1998



An example of why you may need extra income to save the life of a loved one,

or someone you know, etc, ... ???



a diet that could save your life or the life of a loved one ... ???a diet plan that could save your life or the life of a loved one ... ???

if though these medcial professional people appeared to work very hard for you as they said

but, I didn't see a way for you to afford there plan if you are economically challenged.


you may need extra income for the possible life saving books

 ( possible exception you can find the books at the public library http://www.trlib.org )

you may need extra income for the foods and tools to try the diet ... ???


there is many other books you can try, however, you may not be able to try this one

if you are economically challenged, and you may not find the risks and benefits of this diet

or other diets, nor would your doctor(s) get the much needed life saving data from

you to help save millions of other lives ...








Movie: A true story about using economics

to look for a cure for a disease for a child

which ended up helping many more children ...

Lorenzo's Oil


A true story about looking for a cure for a disease







How to start a business for free

How to start a business for free

you can start some businesses with out money up front

using root based algebraic economics ???

using tax based economics, can also be done this way

but you most likely will have to pay it back in the form of economic taxes ... ???




Apparently easy to understand ideas to make money with your hobby(s)

apparently easy to undertand ideas to make money with your hobby ?

Apparently easy to understand ideas to make money with your hobby(s)



work from anywhere it is legal to work from ... ???

1000 Company Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses

work from anywhere it is legal to work from ... ???

( an attorney told me:

 you may need a Name, Phone Number and Address

in order to do a back ground check on the company

and get a proper contract signed )


If you feel there is not what you want in this book

there is more work from home companies you can research ... ???

Last time I checked ...

Using " Reference USA " I found 1,333,752 work from home companies,

Listed with  the U.S. Department of Labor???,

go see it at the Lacey library http://www.timberland.lib.wa.us/

ask a librarian how to search using " Reference USA "





ideas to make money with your bicycle

Cycling for profit

there is probably a book for your car or truck as well

I just have not found it yet ...



Apparently easy ways to tell people what you can do for them ... ???

Apparently easy ways to tell people what you can do for them ?

Apparently easy ways to tell people what you can do for them ... ???




an example of economics efficiency

recycling, working with what you've got

Living Well on a Shoe String

there is examples in the shows " MacGyver "





a movie based on true story


a movie based on a true story




a movie based on true story



let the words in these books and movies lead you to more books and movies

and maybe you can make your own algebraic economics cook book ... ???


maybe you can make your own economics cook book



ECON AADM - " Hello, This is Gene Bowdish Calling from lacey, WA, "

in an attempt to save as many lives as possible ...



if you do not know how to use a computer,
ask a librarian what you can do to learn
http://www.trlib.org/                             http://www.trlib.org/espanol.htm

AADG Economics Education, Parent Recourses and Videos ???


Phenomenon pay attention to the part about algebraic economic bartering ???

( solar cells, etc. )

( caution and information on how to legally barter http://www.tax.gov/sbv_bartering/
http://www.tax.gov/SmallBusinessTaxpayer/BusinessIncome/DoYouBarter )


Econ AAEQ Tax information Work Shops


Econ AAEV Emergency First Aid Training


Econ AAEX Algebraic Economic ideas to improve Health Care ?


if you need to exercise to stay healthy ?

you can get paid to exercise ?

Econ AAFF External Web Site ideas to improve the economy ... ???