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Safety first, you will need to verify all data with a competent doctor

( competent - Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully )


treat each economic idea as a Hypothesis and needs to be safely tested to see if it works or not ...


Be sure to come back and check for updates


1. V x F x T = thing you need

2. A x R = thing you need

3. R x V = thing you need

4. (( D x G ) F x G x L ) = thing you need

 (I need help from an algebra teacher to fix this formula to make it more accurate ) 


Web page under construction

the proper word does not exist ???

Your Mom or Dad or Son or Daughter could live longer with the knowledge given here … ???

 Let the key words in this media lead you to more key words that you need

You will need to first ask each one @, if it will cost you anything to ask …

if it does cost you anything to ask, you may want to ask them

if there is an algebraic economic root based way for you to pay that will not be to stressful for you ... ?

( if they don't understand what that means, you and them will need to talk to me ( Gene Bowdish )to clarify ... )

@ By asking your doctor, asking hospitals, going to the library and doing your own research, asking the many different government agencies, asking your friends, etc., etc., etc.


Maine residents barter for health care


ASL Tax Tips: Miscellaneous Income (Captions & Audio) Barter income ... ???



DIABETES SQUARED - 5 year old Ava tests her blood sugar


Day in the Life: Diabetic toddler


Type 1 diabetes: Sam's story 


Type 1 Diabetes


Harness your brain's neuroplasticity and train your way to a brighter life



Diabetic Brain Damage Risk




A Toast ( 9 out of 10 people don’t even know they have Prediabetes )





can this economic idea work ... ??? 

how can you afford the health idea without an economic formula you can understand how to use ... ???

if a doctor does not have an economic health idea for you and

if you have a hard time affording these health ideas,

 then doctors may have a hard time getting real statistical data

to make medical decisions for you and your family ... ??? 


outdated ... ???

but does show history of issue ... ???

Children and Diabetes News Report



 A Toast ( 9 out of 10 people don’t even know they have Prediabetes )


Maine residents barter for health care


ASL Tax Tips: Miscellaneous Income (Captions & Audio)

Barter income ... ???




Diabetes can cause Epilepsy … low blood sugar … ???

What Causes Epilepsy? (Epilepsy #5)


Staph and MRSA 


Staphylococcus aureus 


is this accuraurate ?

How To Stop MRSA In Its Tracks! - Staph / MRSA in my Nose 



Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP)


Diabetic Foot Care Expert Speaks on ABC-TV in Sarasota


Must-Know Diabetes Foot Care Tips


Animation about diabetes and the body.


How Do I Avoid Foot Complications with Diabetes?


Foot Health and Diabetes ( and tax based economics )

there are many ways you may pay into this program, knowingly or unknowingly

but when the economy shrinks, the money going into the programs shrinks as well … ???

when that happens less people get the medical care they once used to get … ???

and if you fall into this problem,

maybe the only way for you to get funds for your medical care

 is for you to learn how to use algebraic root based economics limited by the laws of physics … ???


 there are many ways you may pay into this tax based economics program,

 knowingly or unknowingly city tax ( example:


Thurston county tax ( example:


Washington State Tax ( example:


United States Federal tax ( example:


 there are many other forms of taxes that you may pay into the program

that you may or may not be aware of … ???

in order for you to understand how the money gets into the health program

 you would need to follow the money and the laws of physics … ???



I have a hypothesis based on this new information that I found on an MSN advertisement ... ???

Weight loss by - something to do with your natural insulin using this diet ?!

they are saying, for a Limited time, and video will be gone, so watch it now ???!!!  

maybe, ask your library if they can get it




anyone who is fat may be pre-diabetic or diabetic ... ???

only your doctor can tell you for sure ...


apparently economic illiteracy is the number one cause of diabetes in

families who are economically challenged, why, how does a family afford

the tools, and supplies, and foods to try a physicians request for a prescription ... ???



here is an idea to get exercise and try to save money or earn money doing it ...

Gene Bowdish  This is how to deliver a hot water heater and parts  delivering trash to the trash dump, 920 pounds total with a bicycle 

 moving loads with a bike and trailerbicycle riding


bicycle riding Bicycle recycle with 2 six foot trailers Funny


of course there can be challenges when Bicycle rear wheels break and little time to fix it

and weird things can happen weird lady asks to put dog bone in mouth and give to dog in dogs mouth


and if you are not careful enough, ouch one and two

if you not careful enough, ouch if you are not careful enough #2, ouch Truck Driver hit child and run


and I had opportunities to save lives And I had opportunities to save lives

No White at Night


Six ingredients or less diabetic cookbook  / Carlean Johnson

Six ingredients or less diabetic cookbook 


Jicama and Red Pepper Salad with the World's Premier Culinary College  


Possible examples of why the diets work or don't work ... ???


Weight loss by - something to do with your natural insulin using this diet ?!

they are saying, for a Limited time, and video will be gone, so watch it now ???!!!  

maybe, ask your library if they can get it


is this accurate ... ???

The Crisis of Credit Visualized - Part 1

The Crisis of Credit Visualized - Part 2

instead of blaming everything on homeowners,

It appears to me it might have worked better if they showed / taught

the home owners how to earn / afford their mortgages ... ???


Many people need an algebraic economic backup plan in case they lose their job,

or wind up homeless, and not be able to afford their diabetic needs ... ???    


DHL Express Closes - Major Job Losses!  


DHL Express Closes - Major Job Losses!  


Ohio town rests hope on stimulus  


How many patients will he be allowed to help or have to turn away

depending on how well he learns algebraic economics in class ... ???  


DHL closes Glenn Beck Show (November 19, 2010): Celebrating The American Spirit

( this is interesting, this is the first time I heard him go from economic whiner to economic helper ... )


middle class families are winding up in tent cities ... ???!!!


Tent city  

tent city, Seattle space needle    


Schwarzenegger Visits Sacramento's 'Tent City'



did I read that right, 194 foreclosures just in Lacey, WA

it went up ...


382 Olympia foreclosures

it went up ...




Whitehouse Email List


does this idea work ... ???

Obesity Report Card  


does this idea work ... ???

USDA EFNEP Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program  



maybe you can use many of the economic ideas in this link to help you with diabetes ... ???



am I communicating this properly ... ???


The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act‏ ...


I think each and every food donation station should be required to teach you

or give you a resource to a location that will attempt to

teach you win - win ... economics


In an attempt to give you the economic freedom to shop for safe food  

Places that give you these procedures that, were designed to help protect you



from these bugs … ??  


How many of those bugs are allowed to get in to your food

because the food bank didn’t tell you about these procedures ???  


I think food collection and donation stations should be required to post a sign like this

up at every food donation station


The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act  



Amputation and diabetes How to protect your feet



Apligraf In Surgery “Magic Skin” Used To Heal Stubborn Wounds ???




Treatment of Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients ???





Survival Medicine #19 -- Honey for Wounds  ???


Topical Honey for Diabetic Foot Ulcers  ???



Survival Medicine #6 -- Potable Water ???



a bicycle can do the same thing, but they are not going to tell you ... ???


 PhleboPump® - Passive blood movement device  ???



How To Can Butter: Pros, Cons & Botulism  ???


Mechanism of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Tutorial  ???


BOTOX® Mechanism of Action Video  ???


Botulinum_Toxin(  ???


diabetic foot ulcer  ???


How To Cure A Diabetic Foot Ulcer  ???


Miracles, Maggots & Me: Fighting to keep my legs.wmv  ???


WTF! - Maggot Cure  ???


Must-Know Diabetes Foot Care Tips  ???


Leg Ulcers, Wound Healing, Wound Infection & Serrapeptase + Colliodal Silver ???


Characteristics of Venous Ulcers  ???


Clinical Presentation of Arterial Wounds ???


Moist Wound Healing and Stages of Wound Healing Process ???


How Aspirin,ibuprofen Cause Peptic Ulcers??


How Aspirin,ibuprofen Cause Peptic Ulcers from www metacafe com  ???




is this accurate ... ???

The #1 Fat Burning Food You Should Eat At EVERY Meal



is this accurate ... ???




I can’t tell if honey, agave nectar, and/or real maple syrup are okay to use instead of sugar.

 Are these foods a substitute or are they going to raise my sugar level?





Is Agave Nectar Safe For Diabetics?



Does Raw Agave Nectar Syrup Raise Your Blood Sugar? Is it low glycemic?





Potential Cure Of Type 1 Diabetes


What is Type 1 Diabetes?


What is Type 2 Diabetes?


The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes ... ???



an idea to help cure cancer


a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...