a percentage of these ideas are really old ideas,

the ideas are still here in case something can be done with it ...

Econ AAEH Possible positive economic stuff can it be used to solve these real life problems ... ???

Be sure to come back and check for updates,

check for latest update number at www.MaGenieMagic.com 

People know how to help each other, no matter what economic problem is thrown at them ... ???


an economic idea to raise money for a disease you are trying to cure using

funds for medical needs ...

I talked to a social worker and I found out that this is a brand new idea that is not

well known, I found it with the help of thousands of people

( the way, I asked more than 50,000 people,

"if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ? " )


just one example of thousands of ideas ...

Econ AFFH Do you know if there is a legal way to raise money for cancer patient(s)

using this economic method at an Olympia City or State Park ?

is this economic idea possible ?











Cancer kids song St. Jude Holiday Rock    




catch 22, there is no way I can know if these ideas will work for you or not

the ideas need to be tested, by algebraically economically skilled people ... ???

based on the theory that Algebraic Economics is the study of

how people help each other... ?


in a bad typical economy, what causes the bad economy ?

is that the economic system appears to keep people from helping each other... ???


( assuming we have a free algebraic economic market governed by laws

voted in by the people, limited by the algebraic economic laws of physics ... ??? )


since year 2001

I asked more than 50,000 people if they had one idea to improve the economy,

what would it be ?


as a result, I apparently found ideas, even in a bad typical economy, to:


found ideas so teachers can get paid to teach, and the students get paid to learn ... ???

found ideas so, even poor, people can afford food from farmers at a city park ... ???

found ideas so people can get paid to exercise at an exercise gym ... ???

found ideas for people to afford medical care ... ???

found ideas for diabetics or maybe any medical condition ... ???

found ideas so people can get paid to take limousine transportation ... ???

found ideas so people can get paid to eat diabetic type foods at a restaurant ... ???

found ideas to supply water to areas where there is not water

found ideas to end the war  ... ???

found ideas so you can afford a car or truck

found ideas to afford maintenance on your car

found ideas to put in a Traffic Signal light at 45th and Ruddell or

where ever else it is needed to prevent another death

( I was told a Motor Cycle Driver died there, and there has been many accidents ... !!! )

found energy sources:

to help clean up land fills

to help clean up toxic lakes

to help grow fish to feed people

to grow food where there is little area to grow food

to help recycle waste at factories

to help give clean air for workers at factories

etc, etc, etc. ...


is this economic idea possible ... ???


Econ AFFH Do you know if there is a legal way to raise money for cancer patient(s)

using this economic method at an Olympia City or State Park ?

is this economic idea possible ?


a sheriff can be the one, hired by the courts, to deliver the news of the doctors lawsuit

against the doctors patient(s) !!!


I ( Gene Bowdish ( MaGenie Magic )) pleaded with a sheriff

to help with algebraic economic ideas to help cancer patients

and others with all kinds illnesses ...

... we will see what happens ...




found ideas so you can pay off your house ... ???

found ideas for you to afford school, college, etc.

found ideas to save animals lives ... ???

found ideas to pay for vet services ... ???


found ideas to end " global warming " ... ???,

( warning, assuming " global warming " really exists or it could cause global cooling ... ??? )


found ideas to help save life on planet earth, when and if the sun burns out ... ???

or at least move to a safer place to live when the time is up,

in a billion years or sooner depending on, for a lack of better words, Murphy's Law ... ???


and that is just the beginning ...

so I sent a letter to the president of the United States

April 20th, 2006


Gene Bowdish 1/1/2010



is it possible that if we repair the economy,

in the United States, that all United States tax payers would all get

$ 344 thousand dollars per family member, federal tax refund ... ???


Gene Bowdish






algebraic economic Game???

Clip Box Tops For Education

Is there a way to earn that?


Do you Play True Algebraic Economic Games?

What would the true algebraic economic fun game look like?

End the war with a 

peace treaty



Auto Brakes Bicycle repairBuild an economics cook book
idea for auto brakes
or any auto repair problem ???
 a way to earn a bike and
a way to earn money with your bike


Economics Education Parent Recourses and Videos ???





I am the only one in the world with a vehicle like this one, is that possible?

Comment from person,

" that is most definitely an economic way to go green "



Econ AACV Work from anywhere people will let you work from ???

Econ AACT have you heard of alternative algebraic economics ???    


Maybe how to best use this site, everything you read or watch,

turn it into a question, ask an economic professor(s)

and other important people you believe would be able to help,

this page algebraically links to thousands of other pages ... ???

which links to thousands of other pages ... ???

hopefully you will learn as much

or as little about economics as you like and or need ... ???


Econ AAAi Gene Bowdish ideology goal on algebraic economics

Gene Bowdish ideology goal on algebraic economics


I cannot guarantee any of these ideas will work,

my information comes from more than 50,000

people giving there algebraic economic ideas

 in an attempt to help your families ... ???

there knowledge is limited by there economic experiences ... ???

in return, if you choose, all you would be asked to do is

give an idea to improve the economy ...

" if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ? "

I am a student of street / public economics

 ... depending on where I am,  the way I understand it

I may not be legally allowed to tell you about

the business licenses I have because of soliciting laws ...

wind powered bicycle trailer I made, needs some improvements ...


the most important thing you can do is ... ask people ? 

 if you had one idea to improve the economy, what would it be ???.

Merry Christmas

or any medical condition?

as a sergeant once said, "what we have here, is a failure to communicate!"


Water Safety ?

I sent a Letter to the United States President !!!  4/20/06

is it possible to Economically Algebraically

buy a house with the power of a

Penny ???

Oxygen Generators ?

Water Safety ?

or any medical condition ?


What is algebraic economics education? 


When you hear someone say economics, what do you think of?


Improving the economy = making it possible ( easier ) for people to algebraically economically help each other ???

few people agree on the definitions of economics ... ???

you can say an economic theory and a 100 people perceive a hundred different definitions and yet they believe each one understands the other but many times don't have a clue what the other person meant ... it's like each person is talking there own made up language ... ???

but the catch 22 is they believe they understand one another ... ??? 

Water Safety ?

I sent a Letter to the United States President !!! 4/20/06

Economy Ideas ?

Oxygen Generators ?

Water Safety ?

depending less on fossil fuels, there is a way???


Use the algebraic economic power of the moon to clean the planet ???

of course you would need to check the math to make sure it is correct but here is the idea ...

could equal 5,651 --->  24,000 watt generators ???



is there a way to earn a business economics degree using business economics???


when you understand algebraic economics, everybody gets good nutritious food??? All you have to do is figure out a way to algebraically economically get along with each other ???



George Bush our 

United States president

has somehow came up with a good idea, an economic stimulus package

are you going to know what to do?

Use Economics to solve Pollution and Safety Problems ???

  do you have proper economics education? How much money are you algebraically economically suppose to be making???



Econ AADQ if you could start your own business what would it be ?


the Economy hits double digit unemployment ... ???



Build an Economics Cook Book for your family ???

there is answers in this book that you may need???, 

but the way I understand it I cannot legally tell you what it is???, 

Unless you ask me what it is ???

you any good at mind reading ??? lol

Build an Economics Cook Book for your family ???

improving the economy from the root!?  

do these books work?  

you may need to first find ways to improve the economy in order for these books to work???

Last time I checked ... Reference USA 1,333,752 work from home companies, Listed with 

the U.S. Department of Labor???, go see it at the Lacey library http://www.timberland.lib.wa.us/

Phenomenon pay attention to the part about algebraic economic bartering ???

( solar cells, etc. )



Algebraic Economics and Medicine, Medical, Prescriptions, Nutrition, Exercise, some People and 

Doctors just don't economically understand it???

these books need an 

algebraic economic cook book to go with them???

or you may not even be able to use it correctly ???

even if your lives depend on it???

authors didn't even think about 

economics as being important, or what???

"Having trouble following your diabetes diet?"

( Algebraic Economic Barrier? ) 

"Barrier: Healthy foods are expensive."


does it cost money or cost time to algebraically economically get something you need or want ???

Using God's help, nature's help, 

laws of physics, 

( what ever you want to call it ) to algebraically economically help to make salt water to fresh water???


Taxes??? what does taxes algebraically economically mean anyway ???

Paying taxes using algebraic economics ???

showing 8,000,000 people how to earn a dollar ???, and charging them a penny in tax ???, so there tax costs the tax payer, I mean pays the tax payer .99 cents ???, and the state worker could be earning $80,000 a year ??? for teaching tax payers true economics ??? ...




??? If you don't have the money to get what you need, Maybe you can trade things you know how to do for things you need ??? 





a way to algebraically economically clean up landfills, trash dumps, and get paid to do it??? 


Teaching economics education in a public school or college using business economics, is there a legal way to do that, is there teachers who want to do that ???


in an economically educated world, can it happen???

Earn money on the way to work and on the way home earn money doing what you like to do best ???


Earn money at the doctors office, earn money at the store???

earn money at the library, earn money at college???

never be poor again???


    Gene Bowdish  

Econ AAAC there is most definitely a flip side, you can help improve the economy ???

Econ AAAB another idea to help cure Cancer, Diabetes, Salmonella, heart disease, etc. etc. etc. ??? Econ AAAE think of an economic problem you are trying to solve and see if you can stump me with it


algebraic economic efficiency, what does it really mean ???   how fast does the economy operate ??? ...  


OK, I was at a nice demonstration, about food, and how to best cook food ... Econ AAAM car sales dropping have you ever heard of Joseph Samuel Girard Econ AAAN it is my understanding that the amount of liquid money in the market is suppose to be equal to Econ AAAO many people believe that if you buy things from other countries it hurts and takes away from Americans jobs
that is not the
whole truth ...



Econ AAAP it is my understanding in theory everyone gets paid by helping to algebraically economically improve the economy

Econ AAAQ I heard about it today, people are starting to come up with ideas about how to help pay there bills with out using money    How many people does it algebraically economically take to make something and or provide a service ??? .


Econ AAAS Can a Person use Business Economics to get a Business Economics Degree Econ AAAT what is the difference between budgeting and improving the economy from the root Econ AAAU in order for the economy to work customers are needed ??? Econ AAAV the way I understood it both presidential candidates agree that energy is the top priority in improving our economy


Econ AAAW I hear people say the dollar is not backed by gold anymore, that is why our economy sucks as long as the dollar is backed by labor the Dollar will always be valuable Econ AAAD it is my understand the president is looking for ideas on how to stimulate the economy    






Econ AABM it is my understanding in theory everyone gets paid by helping to algebraically economically improve the economy


Econ AABR If you had one idea to improve the economy what would it be your opinion idea can be by it self or combined with others could help the lives of one or millions


Econ AABY it was explained to me that yes you can buy gold but you need to earn 50 US dollars in order to purchase one gold dollar coin ... ??? Econ AACK Build a city in the desert



Econ AACE I presented an idea to WSECU bank to lower the mortgage costs on your homes if it algebraically economically fits your family economic structure



Econ AACG I presented an idea to Saint Peters hospital in Lacey Olympia area in the past to make it easier for you to afford hospital food costs

Econ AACH in the past I worked with 911 I assisted Police Ambulance Fire department etc Econ AACi in the past I assisted the President of the United States, Military, and more